The Sim review

By Clara Mariah Loureiro da Silva, 12 anos, aluna do B1+ na EFC.


The Sims is a life simulation videogame series developed by Maxis and The Sims Studios. It was
published by Electronic Arts (EA), created by Will Wright. The first Sims was released on
Febuary 4 th 2000.
The Sims is a really fun game. The game shows a life of a sim (the character of the game that
you create) or sims controlled by you. By playing the game you have the choice to accomplish
some objectives of your sim depending on its aspiration. The game also offers the choice to
build your own house or buy one already generated by the game with simollians (the money of
the game). It also offers mod packs which are packages that you buy (with real money) to
make it more realistic.
I recommend this videogame to any gamer that has love for architecture and real life, even if
sometimes it might get a little weird. Just like the game recommends, people older than 12
would be fit to play this game, but if you are younger it would be recommended to ask your
parents before downloading the game.

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