Star Wars The Clone Wars Series Review

By Rodrigo Marzo

Clone Wars is an animated series created by Jorge Lucas. The story is happening between the
second and the third movies. The series explains what happened before Order 66. We start
learning more about the clones and Jedi. The protagonists are Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano
and of course Obi-Wan Kenobi. There are a lot of battles happening during the series: The
second battle of Geonosis (It’s a classic one), the battle of Umbara(This battle caught my
attention because of all clones interaction and the fact that there are more named clones like
Fives, Kix, Tup, Jesse, Hardcase and my favorite clone, Rex. In addition, my favorite clone
battalion, the 501 st legion participates in this battle. Yes, I am a Star Wars nerd), etc. The Clone
Wars has five seasons plus the Lost Missions which is the sixth season, but it is unfinished. The
writers of Clone Wars are going to make the seventh season next year!

I have enjoyed Star Wars since I was four years old. When the TV Show Star Wars the Clone
Wars started in 2013, I just needed to watch it. Every night (or week, I don’t remember
exactly) I watched the new episode. I really like the story, the characters and the whole
universe. So when I got older, I watched all the series again.

I strongly recommend this series to all Star Wars fans out there. If you want to know more
about the clones and the Republic, this series will help you a lot. Like Yoda always says: ‘MAY

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