Serie Review: Riverdale

By Clara Mariah Loureiro da Silva, 12 anos, aluna do B1+ na EFC.

Riverdale is a teen drama series based on the comic books “Archie Comics” created by Roberto
Aguirre-Sacasa, produced by Warner Bros TV and CBS TV studios. It is a mystery/drama story
narrated by a teen called Jughead Jones, which is about the death of Jason Blossom a former
football captain at their school. Jughead and his three friends Betty, Archie and Veronica try to
find who killed him.
I personally love Riverdale because they always accomplish to show the drama parts making it
intriguing and fantastic; moreover, it never fails having a mystery in each episode.
I recommend this series to most teenagers above fourteen years old who love drama, mystery
and romance. As Riverdale lovers say: SHIPP BUGHEAD!!!!

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