Review: Infinity Loop

Review by Theo Pataro

Made by Infinity Games, the game Infinity Loop made a big success in 2017 with more
than 20 million of downloads in the App Store and Google Play. The gamers who play Infinity
Loop usually rate it five stars. According to them the game is very satisfying, the visuals are
quite pretty and it is really relaxing. This is a puzzle relaxing game with the objective of making
everything connect. After everything is connected it becomes an “infinity loop” and I think that
is where the name comes from.

In my opinion this is a very nice game, with beautiful visuals and flawless mechanics.
As I said before, the game is quite relaxing. The puzzles aren’t too difficult, but they’re not that
easy either. It is the right degree of difficulty to make you think and have fun. I play it almost
every time I’m bored and the internet is not working, but when I start to play, I can´t stop it.
The game is exceedingly addictive. Sometimes I catch myself playing “Infinity Loop” for hours
and hours, as if the game had stuck in my mind and got all my attention.

I recommend this game to almost any kind of people: the ones who play games and
the ones who don’t. If you are bored and you want to relax, than this is the game for you. This
is a perfect game to play when you’re bored, but just be careful, every time you play it, you
forget your troubles, your responsibility and all you have to worry about. You just remember
to have fun and to relax. This is a great game and it is absolutely worth to download it in your
App Store or your Google Play Store.

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