Review: Free Fire

Review by Rodrigo Marzo

Free Fire is an action Battle Royal mobile game developed by 111 dots Studio, and published
by Garena on December 4 th , 2017. The game mode is multiplayer. Battle Royal is a game mode
where many people are thrown in an island and need to fight until death. The last man or
woman standing wins. There are three modes in the game: squad of four people, couple and
solo. In addition, there is a game mode that you and your partner stay in a vehicle the whole
match trying to kill the other players that are also in vehicles.

I enjoy playing this game because I like Battle Royal types of games. I personally prefer the
more violent games because for me they are more entertaining. This game is easy to play
because it’s mobile, you can play with your friends and do cool strategies: surrounding your
enemy, attracting your enemy to an ambush, etc. The game picks a map randomly, but my
favorite one is the second map because there is a city called Brasilia. Tip: If you are new at the
game, do not land at Peak because that’s the place where the greatest amount of people land.

I recommend this game to people who are above 12 years old because the game is violent, it
has guns and knives and people running over other people with cars and motorcycles. It’s a
game for pvp (players vs players) gamers, who like gun fighting and killing other players.

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