How I met your mother

Series review by Theo Pataro

Created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, “How I met your mother” was a big success
with 9 seasons and millions of fans. The comedy series was nominated in 24 categories and
won 7 awards. Debuted on September 19 th 2005, “How I met your mother” is about Ted Mosby
(Josh Radnor) telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. The story that he tells to
his children is more about the events that he and his group of friends (Lily Aldrin [Alyson
Hannigan], Marshall Eriksen [Jason Segel], Barney Stinson [Neil Patrick Harris] and Robin
Scherbatsky [Cobie Smulders]) were involved in and how he became a better man. The main
characters´ goal is to find “The One” (In the American culture “The One” means the perfect life
mate) after his best friend gets engaged. After the engagement lots of drama, funny and weird
stories start to happen.

This series is one of my favorite series in the world. It’s so amazing, and absolutely
incredible. The characters are intriguing, the jokes are hilarious and they never get old. I
watched “How I met your mother” eight times and I’m sure that I could see more times. This
series is unspeakable. I have always been happy watching “How I met your mother”. My mom
and I would always watch it together. It would always make her laugh and make me smile.

If you love comedy series that make you have a good time even in bad days then you
would really enjoy this series. I strongly recommend you to watch it. Without a shadow of a
doubt I would watch it if I were you. The whole story, characters, visuals, jokes, basically
everything is remarkable, funny and amazing.

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