Book review: Wonderstruck

By Theo Pataro

Originally published on September 13 th , 2011, it quickly became a best-seller receiving 94%
likes in Google rating. Written and illustrated by Brian Selznick, the book is about two stories
that meet at the end.
 Illustrated: In the year of 1927 this girl, Rose, who is deaf, is sad and feeling alone so
she runs away to New York to see her mom Lillian Mayhew (a famous actress in the
book). When her mom sees her, she takes her back to New Jersey and locks her in her
room. But that doesn´t stop her, she runs away once more to New York.
 Written: In the year of 1977 this boy, Ben, who is deaf of one ear, goes to live with his
aunt after his mom dies. One night, while he is whishing his mom back, the lights from
his house in front of Lake Gunflint in Minnesota turn on. He thinks it´s his mom, but
when he gets there it is his cousin wearing her clothes. A little after his cousin leaves,
Ben suffers an accident and goes to the hospital. Later he runs away to New York to
find his father (he knew where his father lived because well… you would have to read
to find out).
I absolutely loved the book because of the plot and the characters. Basically everything
about the book is well written. I don´t usually like reading, but this book caught my attention. I
really enjoyed reading Wonderstruck, it´s full of emotions and it can easily catch your curiosity.
I strongly recommend this book for everyone who likes modern literature. The book is
calming and exciting. The genre is drama with a bit of mystery, so if you like this type of book I
hope you have fun reading this one.


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